Under Construction (Again)

Published by David Flett on

Some of you may have noticed over the past 8 months that the site has been very unreliable. In September the previous 308restoration.com website was hacked. My hosting company at the time failed to both inform me of the hack and then, when I informed them, they were useless in tackling their infrastructure’s vulnerabilities. After that, the site was again again in December and most recently in April so I have decided enough is enough.

308restoration.com has now moved to a new host that takes security issues seriously. It will rise again and be bigger and better than before. Almost all of the data has been saved so I will start to republish the previous articles as fast as I can, in the same order that they were published previously.

Unfortunately, two articles were completely lost due to the hack and those were “The six month carpet saga” and “Refitting the old dash”. Perhaps someone has a copy somewhere that they can provide me, otherwise, they will remain simply memories along my long journey of 308 ownership.

Both the mailing list and comments for 308restoration.com were stored separately on wordpress.com and not on the compromised server at the hosting company so I am confident no reader’s email addresses were accessed by the malware.


David, 308restoration.com