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I have started rebuilding the articles from backups of the old site I had. In one way, it is satisfying to read all these articles again. It’s easy to forget all the blood, sweat and tears we enthusiasts expel restoring these old Ferraris. Yesterday, I watched Scott (ratarossa) explain he had taken two days to remove a hub from its carrier, something I can definitely sympathize with. My personal record for a seized bolt was two years I think, from first trying to undo it, until finally removing it.

That and under stories will eventually get restored back to the website. It’s a slow and arduous task but also a rewarding one… not unlike working on these old Italian cars 🙂

I’m restoring the articles year by year going back so the most recent content will be restored first and the old, old articles about me completely gutting the interior will probably be the last to be restored.

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Kevin Bento · May 14, 2021 at 12:59 pm

David, many thanks for your time in doing all of this. It is greatly appreciated by me, as well as many others, I suspect. I really do actively read all of your articles and glean a tremendous amount of knowledge from them! Ive taken a bit of a break from my 308 restoration, got sidetracked on some other projects (’92 348 SS) but I look forward to looking at your articles when I get going again. Best, Kevin

    David Flett · May 14, 2021 at 1:13 pm

    Thank you Kevin. My next project was always meant to be a 348 but the stars never really aligned to make that happen. Good luck with yours. They really are great cars and I think they are appreciated more now then when they were new. David.

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