26359 Lives Again!

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OK, the exclamation point is probably overkill and the title a little clickbaity… Guilty as charged.

It was not really a surprise that the car started without too much drama. Overall, this car has been very reliable and has never failed to start in the 11 years I have owned it. I definitely should have filled the tanks to the top though and added Stabil before storing it last year. That would have definitely reduced the throttle pedal pumping required. Instead, I left the fuel tanks close to empty and this always makes starting a car harder. This was something I learned years ago when I was based around Europe and occassionally left a car in one country or other, not to return to use it again for several months. Topping of the fuel stops it oxidizing, leaving tanks empty destroys the remaining fuel more quickly.

The next steps in getting back on the road are to change the tires, pass inspection and then attend to some more jobs that need to be done including changing all the fluids.

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